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A trundle through Teesdale

It was nice over the weekend so popped over to the lakes via Tees dale 250 mile over the weekend, the shot is looking back over Tees dale moors.

It was the first time I've been out since I fitted the Lennies cam sprockets, I have to say I wasn't really expecting big things but I'm quite impressed by the benefits.

Definite increase in fuel mileage 52.5 mpg over 207 miles of fairly spirited riding, measured using full tank to full tank method.

Noticeable increase in bottom end torque, it seems to pull a gear higher in any given situation, for example previous 3rd gear roundabouts can now be taken in fourth. I would imagine you'd really notice the extra low down torque with a pillion on board.

Low speed running is massively improved no surging at sub 30 mph speeds regardless of what gear your in, its worth mentioning that my bike has always surged at low speeds so this is a big bonus for me.

Overall I'm pleased with the way its worked out, its made a nice bike that bit more fun and the additional fuel economy should recover the cost of the sprockets over time.

Only dampener on the weekend was I popped up to the Scottish borders on Sunday only to find one of the roads was blocked off by the police, seems there had been yet another really nasty bike accident just hours before - the copper I spoke with said it was particularly unpleasant - I asked no more!

Its a huge shame really when people go for a ride out and go home in an ambulance or worse. TBH some of the riding I saw over the weekend by the power ranger brigade made me shudder - reckless and foolhardy doesn't even begin to describe it.

Take care.
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