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We've had really good luck using road book editor for printing and distributing to multiple riders

I made a lot of symbols for in cad to work with the program. you can find them here

Here are the steps I go through to make a route
  • I get an idea for a route and an Idea of where I want to go
  • get on google earth to check things out and make a plan
  • check to make sure nothing is on private property and if needed seek permission
  • double check my topo map program to see if all the trails and roads are on it
  • route and download the track in my gps
  • ride the route and explore options and make sure it's duable
  • ride the route and start taking notes using blank road book paper in road book
  • input into RBE and print
  • re-ride and make corrections to road book
  • think you got the picture.

When starting out I had a habit of over marking the course... sometimes too much information can confuse the riders too. Marking every corner and bump in the road also takes a lot of time.

I finally figured out that if you keep the compass bearing that most can follow the course and mark the big changes and issues.


what does your garage look like

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