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Originally Posted by blaine.hale View Post
The stock r90s set up should be fantastic :)
Fantastic is a relative term with airhead brakes...

err, let me try that again..

It is fantastic that I have twin Ate's on my R90 and it is also fantastic that you are about to have them. Dramatically improving brakes to 'sufficient' is fantastic.
Given you are rebuilding the system at the same time I think you should be pretty happy- and probably end up with better brakes than me.
On that note though, what rotors are you going to use? I love my rusty cast iron ones. They suit the charm of my 90.

Me- if/when my undertank dual output master cylinder needs work I am probably going to switch to the handlebar master cylinder. I dont' mind hacking stock parts at all, and I am not drawn to keeping stupid stock systems (like the cable to undertank MC) just for the sake of keeping it stock. The only thing that needs to be hacked is the right hand lever/perch thing, and really, given that it wears out where the throttle cam gear sits, it is kind of a (long) service item anyway (and is still currently available new).
No biggy for me, YMMV.

My friend Charlie (the guy who drew up that great 74 90/6 electrical diagram you liked)(now Brun on adv) has done a handlebar mounted magura master cylinder on the /5 controls. Similar to what has been posted here before by others but a bit more refined and much nicer execution IMO. Looks fantastic to me. Elegant and good enough to be stock, I hope he posts some photos soon.

Actual fantastic brakes? My hacked to buggery G/S with its full 'modern' (10 years ago is modern right?) KTM brembo master cylinder, braided line and (only two pot) caliper with a single 320mm rotor... now that feels fantastic. I don't need any more brakes than that thank you very much.

My twin disc R90 does stop perfectly well and sufficiently when asked to, I just feel there is something (a lot) lost between the cable and hydraulic system.

Anyway, you're bike is a beauty and I'm sure you're going to be really happy once you get them sorted.
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