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I'm not going to advocate for or against a 'stronger' skid plate.

Something in the machine has to give when there is a significant impact. I agree that the radiator is probably not an ideal place for a 'crumple-zone'. While a skid plate mounted to more rigid points on the bike will stand up to more than one mounted to the oil tank, what part will fail when the hit is too big? I don't have the answer but something somewhere is going to break, the question is where will it fail?

If the engine mounts take the shock are we risking revisiting the side-stand issue with cracked cases? When and if the 'better' designed plate fails or causes damage will it be a design flaw?

All that aside I banged my BDCW skidplate this weekend hard on the same water trough deals Yellow Pig damaged his on and I cringed and then forced myself to slow down....

I will look at the G-It and Adv-Spec though as this mounting has always bothered me.
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