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Originally Posted by LukasM View Post
Not sure what exactly is interesting about that, unless there is anybody that didn't know that changing fork oil level will also affect the fork action?

The specific numbers you are listing are completely irrelevant to anybody but that exact rider/bike/forks. For example, he is measuring ccs because they use closed cartridge forks on the modern KTM motocross bikes. On an open cartridge fork which pretty much everybody uses on their airhead conversion you tune by measuring air gap with the springs removed and not by measuring oil volume inside the cartridge.

I was going to write at the end of the paste... I know these number are completely different but it may help someone when setting up from nothing/no baseline... but I figured everyone who read it would have figured that out for themselves and ignored. I always assume wrongly it seems. With that said... I didn't pick up on the closed cartridge bit... why aren't more people using these on airhead conversions, as they seem to be readily available on german ebay? Further, I liked that fact that someone posted additional details about fine tuning the forks... yes the weights are different, the bikes are different etc etc etc but... this would be useful info for those in the know to chime in with to help us dotterels!

Anyhow moving along... the reason for the post was that I too hear about stiction issues and, like the airhead wrangler have not managed to find a thread about how to set these up on a bmw. I think many people have done the swap over but no one has written about it (in terms of tuning).

I too would like to do a similar thing but have a basic knowledge of suspension (no probs with mathematics but tuning them I have no idea... I twist the preload and compression until good and voila!) and was hoping that someone would chime in with how they set up their forks after swap over to a airhead. I also hear some people use Kayaba forks (honda/yamaha) as they have lesser/fewer stiction issues and parts are readily available though most here seem to be going down the WP route.... curious why to be honest.
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