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Originally Posted by bubbletron View Post
Thank you! Thank you! More stories to come and the weeks of prep unfold...

And I carry with me a G11. (One of 3 point and shoots I am taking with me...It's always good to have a backup!) It has served me well. As you can see, I carry it around my neck most of the time when I'm riding. Its off to canon for a much needed service and cleaning, but I wouldn't want to take any other with me. I do like the the G15 has a rapid frame burst option. That is the one thing I would like to have for those action times. I do like the quote a friend told me "the best camera is the one you have with you."

Here's another favorite self portrait (at 65mph):

Cheers to many more pictures to come.
Cool! I bought the G10 right when the G11 was announced, as I wasn't a big fan of the fold-out screen on the G11. They've gone back to the integrated screen on the G15.

If you ever want to use a polarizer on the G11, I can highly recommend the LensMate. I bought one a few months ago and love it:
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