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Originally Posted by Ceri JC View Post
The only slight niggling thing is that there isn't a spring (nor any way to attach one) on the brake lever, the way there is on the OE part. The consequence of this is that there is a couple of degrees of 'slack' before the brake engages. Felt really weird to begin with, but within 5 miles of riding felt normal. I don't notice it anymore, even when riding my bike back to back with a stock one. It in no way, shape or form affects "feel" when actually on the brakes or my ability to brake properly.
On the ones I picked up, spring's weren't included, but there was a properly sized hole drilled out on the brake lever that I was able to reuse the existing spring. Yeah, I noticed the wiggle myself and it's very slight (then I got annoyed and went looking for the spring and fought the brass insert for 5 minutes).
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