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It's been a long time and I don't even own an XR650R anymore, but several people have inquired about these tripleclamps recently and we just launched GatosBros, so figured we might as well make these available. At least a small batch. Should know more about pricing later this week, but please post-up if you're interested so I have some idea how many sets we should make.

Spent the last couple days tuning-up these old CAD files, making some small revisions and improvements. Incorporated the handlebar perch mounts that we developed for our KTM stabilizer mounts (patents pending). With this system, the handlebar perch height is adjustable (using different spacers and topscaps), and the way it's set-up now, there are four different positions that the handlebars can be mounted in: 1) -3mm, 2) +3mm, 3) +12mm, 4) +18mm. Although if you want to run an underbar-mounted steering stabilizer, you're pretty much limited to positions 3 and 4, but if you want to run the bars closer than that, you probably shouldn't be running a stabilizer under the bars anyway (too tall). Also streamlined the tripleclamps around the pinchbolts, made some revisions to the webbing and relief cuts on the underside of the tripleclamps, and a few other small cosmetic enhancements.
  • 26mm offset (vs. stock 24mm offset) in order to compensate for the reduced offset at the axle
  • geometry optimized for Scotts steering stabilizer AND forward-mount frame clamp
  • full range of steering (80 degrees - same as stock) & steering stops in stock location
  • handlebar position (height & offset) adjustable
  • designed to use KTM handlebar perches (any, including rubber-mounted PDHS perches)
  • re-use stock XR650R steering stem & bearings (no modifications)
  • no fender clearance issues

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