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September 25, 2012

Another day in the books. Josh is still riding. The fact that the ISDE is a VERY long week of riding was reinforced to me today again even more, and it’s only day 2. At rider’s meeting tonight it was emphasized how much more difficult Days 3 and 4 are going to be. The distance is longer (over 200 miles), the transfer sections tougher, and the tests more challenging.

The Trophy Team seems to be settling in and Charlie Mullins is proving to be a real threat. The Junior Trophy Team moved up to 3rd overall today and had a huge boost from Thad Duvall. The Women’s team is doing well. I’m super impressed with young Rachel Gutish. She’s 16 and a junior in high school like Josh, but weighs even less, and rides amazing. Her parents are great and she has a real calm demeanor.

Sarah Whitmore has injured her left hand and I know it is impacting her riding, but she’s also laid down some good test scores.

Devin Bolin is the top US club rider and riding awesome. As of yesterday, all riders were still in it. I think there may be some attrition after today, but nothing official.

Josh made it through the day. He woke up feeling pretty sick. We’re not sure if it was a touch of the bug, or nerves….probably some of both. He went out and laid down his best special test score of the day early in the morning when he wasn’t feeling well. He wasn’t as consistent in the other tests with some tip overs, but he’s trying to find his groove.

There is a check point that is shared three times on the course. There are routes in and out of it right in the middle of town and one of the routes was changed slightly from yesterday. Josh got confused in all the chaos and somehow got off course and by the time he corrected it, he was three minutes late to the first check which really hurt his scores today.

However, when we finally saw him at Check 4, we were just totally relieved to know that he was OK and still riding. At that time, he was feeling much better and focused on trying to remain consistent through the day.

We were able to visit one special test today (same one as yesterday), and get some pictures of some of the USA club riders near Josh in schedule.

Josh this morning doctoring up his bike after yesterday’s crash. A little duct tape and zip ties will do miracles.

Jeff Fredette was on the minute in front of Josh.

And Josh is off.

We paid a visit to Check 4 just as some of the Trophy and Junior Trophy riders were finishing. Here is Andrew Delong from the Junior Trophy team finishing up.

Jordan Brandt

We were soooooo relieved when we saw this rolling in to the check, a few minutes behind schedule. Any of you parents who have kids that off-road race can relate. I have three boys that race. At a desert race, when they don’t in to the pits when you expect them you start to worry why they’re not doing so well…..then, as time progresses and they still don’t show up, you start to worry if their bike is OK, then you start to worry if they’re OK. Then you get to the point where you don’t care anything at all about their placement, and just want to make sure they’re OK. We ran through all those emotions today.

Reid Brown from Oregon at Check 4…..always smiling!

We did an oil change at Check 4……yes, mechanics/support can change the oil and fill it.

When then boogied to Special Test 5, but tried to catch some of the riders in a transfer section. Here is Brian Storrie from Texas.

And Josh, getting a cheer from the family.

Brian Storrie in Test 5.

Derek Steahly.

Billy Burns

Jeff Fredette

Nick Hamill

Scott Bright

Josh Special Test 5

The weather has been absolutely perfect. Mild temperatures, no dust, damp dirt. The forecast is for more of the same, but if we get any rain, it could really change things.

Tomorrow the hard stuff starts. Time for some sleep.

Thanks to everyone for all the encouragement to Josh and the entire U.S. team, both Trophy Riders and Club Riders. It’s a great feeling to be part of all this.
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