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Works- sort of.

Yes is does give a bit more just not the 2" I added with the risers. I swapped ends on the brake hose to get a bit more there till I got the Spiegler.
Originally Posted by JRWooden View Post
Here's some instructions an inmate sent me for re-routing the stock cable to get a bit more slack, I have not tried it yet ... so if you have a go at it ... let us know if it works:

...these instructions probaby make it sound way more complicated than it actually is!:

1. Detach clutch cable from clutch. This might involve a bit of work to get enough slack to allow you to pull it away from the catch.

2. Detach clutch cable from clutch lever. Once the clutch cable is free of the clutch you should have more than enough free play to work on this. If you look at the underside of the lever housing you'll notice a notch at the bottom where you'll be able to take the cable out from.

3. You will probably have to take off some of the clips keeping the clutch cable housing bundled with the other cables, and depending on how much slack you have, may also have to loosen or remove the wire guide. Also a good time to squirt some cable lube if you feel like it's sticking.

4. At this point you should now be free to thread the cable housing through the triple clamp and to whatever position you want. I have mine just going up the inner left side of the fairing panel and this has given me enough slack at full lock with my Rox risers on.

5. Reattach the cable to the lever housing and then the clutch.

6. Stand back and bask in the satisfaction of a simple job well done.

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