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Tuesday 9/25: Lubbock, Texas - Scurry, Texas

R1200GS Envy...

On Tuesday morning I went out to Chris' garage...he rides an R1200 GSA; poor Milledue was feeling bad in the company of those capable Germans...

I don't know what it is about the R1200GS(A), but those darn things just always look RIGHT to me. When I saw Chris' GSA in his garage, I got "GS Envy" yet again. There's something about the 12GS that really, REALLY, REALLY appeals to me.

I've test-ridden several, and they still seem to feel "too big" for me, but I can't seem to get over my "GS Envy." Dunno what to do. Maybe test ride another one when I get home. Ironically, I've heard of at least one longtime New Mexico GS owner who is trying to sell his bike and buy a MTS1200. Oh, well...I went ahead and got Milledue prepped for the day's ride. Good Milledue, I'm not really thinking of trading you (don't wanna tick him off...)

Chris got "geared up" for work (partial ATGATT; we had a good ATGATT discussion)

then led me out of his neighborhood and on the way towards my destination for the day: Scurry, Texas.

Leaving Lubbock and Heading for the SUN...

As soon as I got up and out of town, I got hit with THIS!! *Turn off the sun; it's killing me!

Actually, I've made a "sunshade" (thank, Mrs. Greg) of fairly opaque plastic that I've attached to my face shield; helps so much with the glare I leave it on permanently. Still, the sun in my face was a little hard to take. Life is rough sometimes.

Once out of Lubbock, I'm again reminded of the incredible wide-open spaces of the American Southwest.

West Texas seems even "bigger" to me than New Mexico. I tried to explain to my new Chinese daughter-in-law what it's like to have NOBODY around...she really couldn't appreciate the concept. They'll both be spending three months with us in a couple weeks; it's gonna blow her away to see the American Southwest!

Downtown Oil Wells...

When I stopped for gas in Post, Texas, I noticed there was an OIL WELL across from the gas station. Now there's something you see only in Texas:

I believe this is a closeup of the SUCKER ROD (real name!)


Thought I'd throw a self-portrait in here:

Just How Many Forks does the Brazos River Have?

The first fork of the Brazos River had a LOT of water in it, but I missed getting a pic. *So every time I crossed yet ANOTHER fork I took a pic. But all the rest of 'em were dry! See?

I give up.

Lotsa "Picnic Areas" in Texas

Before I left, Chris fixed an excellent pot of coffee. Then another one. Well, down the road a ways all that coffee has to, um, be evacuated. Thank goodness for the Picnic Areas!

This one (in particular) had a beckoning gate and nice footpath to an secluded area which was, um, "just right" for the intended purpose.

Ahhhh...much better!

When I was walkin' around after my, um, "relief" I looked at the native foliage:

I got to thinkin' about what USED to be here. I'll bet almost NONE of the USA is in its "native" condition. What with land clearing for agriculture, etc.. Just wondering...anyway, the foliage NOW is pretty dense and nasty (oops, don't mean to offend any Texans).

Another attempt at a "Brazos Fork"...any water down there?

You gotta forgive me; growing up in rural SoCal ANY running water is MAGICAL to me, so I try to photograph it...

Finally made it to inmate "rusty44"s Place

My goal for the day was inmate "rusty44" somewhere in the vicinity of Scurry, Texas (about 50 mi SE of Dallas). After a successful attempt to skirt the DFW Metroplex, and endless "county roads," I finally made it! See? I know, you can't really tell from the pic...

But there's Alan and his lovely wife Joni...what a great pair of hosts!

And lookit the cool ol' Beemers in his shop: Milledue wasn't scared of these guys, BTW...

So we sat and watched the sun go down on his porch overlooking the rural Texas countryside. It was QUIET! And "quiet" is in short supply these days. What a lovely way to end the day.

And I was BEAT. It was around 95 degrees, and quite windy. Well, after IS Texas.

Tomorrow's Ride

Tomorrow I'm headed for Shreveport, Louisiana. As I'm sure you all know, that's the birthplace of roadracing legend "Fast Freddie" Spencer, who is a hero of mine. In tomorrow's ride report I'll include the photo of "Dr. Greg" and "Fast Freddie" taken in 1998.

Stay tuned.


PS. The Ducati Multistrada 1200S hasn't yet missed a beat. Take that, all you naysayers who keep harping on how "complicated" and "delicate" it is. Between my two Multi 12's, I've had 35K troublefree miles. Knock on wood. Or pasta...
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