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r100 help!!

Hey guys,
I recently have purchased a r100. To start things off wrong, the bike was titled as an 84 but it looks like it is a 79. I have a rear brembo and front dual disc. And my Clymer pointed me in the dirrection of a 79 from the vin number. This all being said, I have gotten the beast running and have taken it out a few times. Its a fun bike! Its also my first airhead. There are a few problems that I have though...

#1: The rear brake light is always on. I have an electrical connector above the battery that has a burnt out prong on the male and female side. I think this is my brake light problem. BUT i cant find the part number for this connector.

#2: The starter doesnt always turn over. It seems like its a ground issue, but I might be wrong. What happens is that it will turn over when its cool-er. On occasion though, I will try to start it when in neutral, and nothing will happen. I dont know what is wrong. Is there a way to test my starter relay to rule it out?

#3 My neutral light is out. Not the biggest thing but BMWs are oddly wired and could affect something?

PS this is going to be torn down in about a month for my cafe build...
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