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Originally Posted by Jettn Jim View Post
HaaaaaHaaaa weeelllllll isn't life a blast eh?!?!?

Here's the rundown so far brotha Alex....

As some of you know I'm on the tail end of my HighAdventureTour doing the TransLab... about 10mi back Desiree' pretty much seized up on me doin' about 75...
I pushed her a Mile.2 then a GREAT GUY Harvey in NewfnLAND like Friendliness pulls up and says he'll be back with ramps...
he comes back we load her up and off to Grand Falls-Windsor NewfnLand we go.
He, his Beautiful wife and I talk and share Rum for 4hrs... now I'm camped out in the garage next to my beloved Desiree'. *Will open her up tomorrow and see if it's catastrophic/fatal....
Interesting twist to this final chapter in my ADVtouring career... I love how the universe works.... probably the best night of the ride soo far!


PS... having thoughts of leaving him and his boy Mike the bike... then hitchhiking across the TLab home??? We shall see........
Damn man, glad you're ok! Any mechanical failure you can walk away from is... well at least it isn't as bad as it could be!

Glad you got help, and keep us posted!
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