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Day 9 Sept 25 611 kms Moab UT to Bernalillo NM

Day 9 Sept 25 611 kms Moab UT to Bernalillo NM

The plan last night was to ride up to Silverton Colorado this morning and ride the Million Dollar Highway (See link HERE )

I had checked the weather last night, and, though not looking warm, it was doable with a chance of rain showers. I was going to ride from there to Durango, and follow some roads inmate holkster had suggested.

Well, so much for planning. The weather in Moab this morning was cool with chances of dampness, so I checked the weather report for Silverton again, and it was 1c with mixed rain and snow, and calling for highs of 3c by afternoon (for you Fahrenheit people that’s cold and then almost as cold)

Well, hell! I could still follow holksters route, and headed south on 191.

I stopped at a rest area here.

Is that a jeep up there?

Took a walk around.

Rode a bit further and saw this

After a while it was looking like there would be rain in my future, so I stopped and dug out my rain gear ( way down in the bottom of my bag, like, really, I won’t be needing this) and got it on just in time as the heavens opened up. With my raingear and that bigassed windshield, I was warm and dry.

I turned at Monticedo, in the rain, and rode along hwy 491…… in the rain. And even though I was relatively warm and dry, by the time I got to Cortez I was getting pretty tired of the rain. I saw the turnoff to Durango, with dark looking clouds.

Or I could go south towards 4 Corners.

Whats that waaay down there? Lighter looking sky? Well, I really had no real reason to go to Durango, and I had never been to 4 Corners before, so away I went, hoping for sun.

It cleared up along the way, and got almost warm.

I didn’t know what there was at the monument, and I was kind of hoping I could ride my bike up to the corner post, and have my bike in, like, Utah and Colorado while I took the picture standing in New Mexico and Arizona, but it looked like that wasn’t going to happen

I took a couple of pictures

Ate an overpriced Navajo version of a taco and carried on my way.

The sky had cleared, so I took off my raingear and headed East. I stopped at Shiprock NM at Micky D’s for free wifi, and as I am sitting on a curb checking my mail, Irving, a local native fellow comes over, sits down and starts asking me about where I am going, where am I from, about the bike etc. I am expecting him to ask me for something, but nope. We chat for a while, talking about the area, he gives me good, detailed directions to where I think I might be going. We talk about the relationship between the Navajo and the Dene people in Sakatchewan (Navajo are actually Dene people) I shake his hand and tell him I should get on the road, he tells me good bye….. …… and he asks me if I have any spare change.

Well of course I do, I tell him, and give him whatever change I had on me.

I head off towards Albuquerque, hitting the occasional rain shower, and get a room in Bernalillo for the night.

Sun going down in Bernalillo

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