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Day 7 –Thursday, July 27, 2012 –Moab, UT to Some Dirt Hole above Moab, UT

Day 7 –Thursday, July 27, 2012 –Moab, UT to Some Dirt Hole above Moab, UT

Nother break, no excuse, but I will finish this dammit. Probably not before deer hunting season is over though. Anyways….

First thing in the morning we head over to Moab Motorsports. It’s a real nice shop that let us ship tires to them. I have both mine changed to Cheap Shinko’s, and Jessie tries to change his own, but after a couple of pinch flats hands it over to experts. I pick up a few goodies and we hang out for a couple of hours getting things straight. We even meet a real interesting BMW couple from England. She was on a 1200GS and he was on a Xchallenge. They were loaded for the long haul, and real pleasant to visit with.

Cute English Rider at Moab Motorsports

Moab being hot as hell, we decided that doing the White Rim and some of the other off-road rides was a good way to hate life. So instead, we headed up in the LaSalle mountains. Surprisingly the ride up got REALLY challenging. I noticed the road was maintained by a 4 wheel drive club and it showed. The little WR was really showing its roots though, there was plenty of pulling power to get me up the steep stuff, and traction enough to grab the loose rocks.

Problem with climbing up was we got closer to those rainclouds that were on the horizon. Soon it started sprinkling, at some point I got ahead of the guys, not sure how that happened, but I’m sure it was some sneaky move on my part. I pull over along some trees to get out of the pleasant sprinkles, and waid for the guys. I shut the motor off and hear the lightning getting closer and closer. As I look around I notice that there’s a stream right next to me running under the road. And a little clearing that could be a campsite. With the lightning and late start I start to think hiding out might not be a bad idea. I wait some more and no guys. Normally I’d back track, but it’s raining, and I knew they weren’t far behind me…and….I had a chair. Soon John shows up and tells me Jessie got a flat but has it handled.

This is not far from Moab, if you go in the right direction.

Somewhere around here Jessie manages to run into a tree. It’s not too bad, but there are some more parts rearranged on his bike. A series of whoop-de-doos, turned into a whoop-de-don’t, and he “didn’t”. It caught me too, but short of about going over bars, I managed to save it.
We continue climbing up the mountain, into more thunder. It actually starts freaking me out as we are getting above the tree line. We find a nice little campground, up at the top, but it’s overrun by cows. We find a little grove of big pines and hide out for a few minutes while the worst of the storms pass. Unfortunately, a big ole bull, had the same idea, so we moved on.

The storms don’t let up and when we cross a fresh stream and see a clearning with a firering, we decide to call it home. It was a fine, but short day of challenging riding. I think we were all a little tired from a week of adventuring and when the late afternoon storm showed up I dove for the tent. A little respite from the rain turned into a 4 hour nap. Something about a cool rain shower in a tent sure makes it easy to sleep. It rained on an off all night, and I think this is the night that convinces John that he needs a bigger tent.

The stream actually flowed over the road

Our little camp. Hard to believe my tiny tent is the BIG tent. Had quite the light show all night long.

Tomorrow, we “Finish” the UTBDR and begin exploring Colorado.
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