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planning for eastern europe

Note: this is a rather long post, you can skip to the bottom for a summary if you like :)

I feel like it's time to cover some distance instead of just dreaming about it, so I started looking into a trip into the parts of Europe I haven't seen yet, which is eastward. At first I thought I would take 3 weeks off from work, but I started listing countries and places to see and I think I'll at least need 4 weeks, and I'll probably need to cut down on things I'll want to see as well. I'm not even sure I can take more than 3 weeks in a row, I'm going to have to check with my boss on that :)

Travel documents are not a problem, I won't need more than insurance and a passport to be allowed into these countries, which makes planning a little easier. I plan on going in the summer and camping as much as possible to cut down on cost.
I don't plan on making a strict planning time-wise, all I want to do is get there and back in the time I have, where I spend my time in the meantime is not important, as long as I'm out there enjoying myself :)
As it is the first and maybe last time I'll be headed that way, I don't want to skip anything and feel I missed out on something afterwards.

My rough calculations so far tell me I should foresee a budget of +-2000EUR (not including kit) and the current itinerary would be 15000-20000km, way too much for 3-4 weeks. How much would you say I could comfortably cover every day, on average?

Any tips on places I should see in following countries? I'll probably have to skip a few due to time limitations, but If I had time I would follow approximately this itinerary:
Starting in Belgium, passing through Luxemburg, France, Switzerland into Italy, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Servia, Bulgaria, Romania up to the black sea, then maybe continue into Ukraine, before returning through Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Tsjechia, Germany, Netherlands to finally be back in Belgium.

I'm going to be crossing the Alps, so I could use some tips on roads through there (preferably over the Alps instead of through the Alps using tunnels ;))

The few waypoints I had so far (mainly racing POI's):

Switserland: Bremgarten (there used to be a F1-street track here)
Italy: maybe Monza, if there's time to go south a little, it would take a day or more I recon
Austria: Timmelsjoch pass from Italy into Austria, Red Bull Ring (race track), Grüner See
Bosnia: Vilusi border crossing?
Montenegro: Biogradska Gora national park
Romania: TransFagarasan and the Black Sea
Ukraine: Chernobyl? but that's a long ride through Ukraine just for one waypoint
Hungary: Hungaroring (race track)
Tsjechia: Brno (race track)
Germany: Erzgebirgsring, Lausitzring, Hockenheimring, Nurburgring & Norschleife (race tracks, mostly a country I have to go through when riding home from the east)

As you can see the list of waypoints is still limited, and I plan on doing more research myself, but if you have experience with any of these places, please share :)

Summary: Which places should I see in eastern europe? How many km's (or miles if you prefer) can I expect to cover daily without rushing?
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