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The New World II.7 – Route 1

Route 1 : September 9-11

We are in California but still away from the ocean and we have to do something about it soon.Our plan is to go south on route 1, considered to be one of the most scenic motorcycle route. But to get there we ride through impressive Sequoia forests.

We discover many national parks and whenever we are given the opportunity to get off the main road on less crowded routes, we take it.

We notice a sign inviting us to see world’s tallest tree. How can we say no to that? We take a turn and, no matter what you see we are not tree huggers.
The majesty of these thousands of years old trees sticks to you. And the silence in those forests make the trees look even taller. It was just the two of us there, walking among the giants.
Before reaching the actual Route 1 we ride up in the mountains to find an old stretch of Route 1, now used only for fun rides and not for traffic. It seems that for the Americans recreation means shooting signs. We’ve noticed this even from Alaska, where a lot of signs were used for target practice. The old sign didn’t escape the shooters.
We barely meet anyone on this road and the people we encounter are peaceful. But we do find blackberries, a huge bush of blackberries. Brunch time!
We eat our fill and pick enough to fill one of our side bags.
BLACKBERRIES! Do not touch!

Is Mexico that close? We feel that we are still far far away.
The road takes us from the ocean to the Sequoia forests and back. And we cannot get enough of the views. We go on a high cliff where we were told there is a good place for spotting whales. We couldn’t see any but we got hungry looking at the fishermen down by the beach.
We don’t have fresh fish but still hanging on a canned salmon, pleasant memory from Alaska.
And we finally reach the road section that is supposed to take us to Route 1. We were told by other travelers that we were not supposed to miss this part as it is windy and narrow. And so it was…
Let the fun begin! We are riding towards the sunset alongside with the rays of sunshine playing through the trees.
We resist the temptations and lower our speed since we don’t know the places and, it’s really hard to catch the sun. We reach the ocean by the time it gets dark.
And the shadows of the night start playing between waters and earth.
We weren’t supposed to reach a certain place so we decide to stop on the coast, on a high cliff.
We pitch our tent, light a fire and get ready for bed. We cannot go to bed yet, the sky puts on a sublime show for us.
It’s dark enough to clearly see the Milky Way.
Andreea sits by the fire, resting after a long day. From somewhere faraway in Romania come the school trip memories and fire camps.
Our tent is waiting for us just a few steps from the fire promising a good night sleep. The waves breaking on the tall cliff put us to bed.
Next time we reach San Francisco and for 2 days we sleep on waters. Stay tuned!
We are exploring the New World
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