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Portland, Oregon

And of course downtown. Portland left me with such a good impression. This state really stands out among the others, itís one of the best for outdoor activities. The capitol is very pleasant and relaxing.

Thereís something going on at each corner. Today is Saturday and there are lots of people around. There were street vendors everywhere, performances and all the bars/restaurants have an outdoor section.

He was doing contact juggling and it looked like the sphere was moved on itís own:

Take note of the sign on the wall to the left. They did a good job at conveying the spirit of the city, in a good way:

But our goal on this street is the sign up top Ė Voodoo Doughnut. They seemed like simple doughnuts at first but there was more than meets the eye. Something this unique can only be found here. They are open 24/7 and the line never dies down. This place was referenced in the show Portlandia, thatís how my son heard about it:

Where there are a lot of people you can always find creativity. I just donít understand how young healthy people could be begging:

The wall of the building was sprinkled with golden glitter. When people on line get to the wall they start touching it and taking pictures. Looks like they are digging for gold:

And this is our happy cashier. She did not mind having a picture taken of her:

And this what we waited on line for. And we didnít regret it at all. This isnít just good marketing, they really are original and delicious:

Mmmmm, yummy :)

What about me?

We sat around, made small talk with the people around us and it was time to keep moving.

Our next stop was Crater Lake and the most scenic route in America, route 1, which stretches the west coast along the Pacific Ocean.

The next day we saw one of the highlights of our stop in Oregon, Thorís Well. Many people, I believe even the locals of Oregon, donít realize the existence of an amazing nature place.
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