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Didn't know much of that

Kind of riding was out there.

New Lil'l Mule Pepe:

Set up for rocks, trials type bs. We do a lot of Moab, Arrowhead DV and Kennedy stuff.

I'm doing dirt biking backwards ( like many things in life )had "real" dirt bikes. Like many in my crew, had occasional overheat issues, water pump issues (granted, on a ktm 950) other issues. I remember headed back to camp from the pictographs area @ j valley, about to drink my last water and wondering if I should save it for the Husky. .. For me wrong thinking. Went xr's with most of my crew. Some still ride blue, yellow, orange or new red. Less probs with xrs. ,Back to the future. Sometimes we're really remote. Speed no longer the issue, getting back is, and these days as cheaply as possible.

Besides, who doesn't choke back a tear, remembering that old xr they had, all the adventures, and remorsefully admit its the one bike they shouldn't of sold

See you out there..
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