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Hey Guys, boy oh boy, do i wish i bought my SE when it first came out? However i picked mine up as one of the last ones available. Iv'e had it for two Seasons now, and built, and tested a few Trinkets for it, including my Version of a Skid Plate.
I am surprised at the interest, and demand for product for the Bike still, so yes, i am building a run of Plates.

I have been Machining, and Fabricating Motorcycle parts for years, that include everything from one-off Aluminum
Subrames, to Stainless Steel Clipons, rearsets, fuel tanks, swapping front forks around, yada, yada.

I am working on getting a Website done, so people can find me, and i will be producing a few different Off-Road, and Adventure parts (mostly KTM) for now.

You can get in touch with me here, or my business email...

I have had some difficulty posting Pics on ADV, so thanks to BIG-E for doing a little PR work for me! My Machining skills outweigh my Computer abilities by a Factor of 10... This is good, No? Cheers!!!
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