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Yes it's the comfort seat. It came with the bike actually. I didn't special order it, but it's AWESOME. I can ride for 2-3 hours straight without any consequences whatsoever. This bike is more comfortable than my car ... that's all I gotta say.

Yes I hear the knocking sound when in neutral ... but I am reading that it's normal. Plus I never put it in neutral. I always have the clutch pulled and in first when I'm at a light. Never got into the habit of putting it in neutral I suppose. I'd rather have the engine power ready to go on a moment's notice ...

As for panniers I got the Cortech Super 2.0 Saddlebags. I got them for 130 at the dealer (gave me a discount the day I bought the bike). they are not perfect. They kinda seat crooked on the bike since one bag is resting on the frame outside of the muffler and the other isn't. So the bag on the muffler side sticks out more than the one on the other side. Not terrible and you don't notice it unless you are a stickler for perfection ...

Hard BMW bags are probably the way to go but I don't have 1000 dollars right now (that's how much they cost) ... so I'll stick to the cheapo Cortech bags for now.
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