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So I was in the middle of nowhere on Sunday when I went to start the bike and it turned over s l o w l y but started.
I headed home to my garage, stopped the bike and it would not restart.
Did a bit of research and decided it was prolly the battery.
Replaced it with a Deka, started right up.

Started doing a bit more research and poked around with a volt meter.
I'm not well versed but followed the instructions from here,

Anywho, here is what I found,

Fully charged battery was 13.0 dropping to a steady 12.78 with key off.
At idle it's 12.72
3000rpm 13.3
4000rpm 13.6
5000rpm 13.6
14.3v would be good, right?

I also checked the resistance at the 3 pronged connection.
I got 0Ω across all connections, 1-2-3 Is this bad or good?

For AC volts (with 3 prong connected)
At idle I got:
1-2 10v (after cleaning and dielectric grease)11.3
2-3 9v (after cleaning and dielectric grease)10.3
1-3 12v (after cleaning and dielectric grease)12.6

At 3000rpm I got:
1-2 10v (after cleaning and dielectric grease)10.9
2-3 11v (after cleaning and dielectric grease)11.5
1-3 14v (after cleaning and dielectric grease)14.6

I'm not sure if this is operator error or the tester I'm using.

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