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Wednesday 9/26: Scurry, Texas - Shreveport, Louisiana

After a wonderful night's sleep somewhere in East Texas (why do I always sleep BETTER "on the road" than at home?) my host Alan managed to find me a few fragments for breakfast. In all fairness, he DOES make a mean pot of coffee, which he served in the largest mugs I have ever seen (sorry for not taking a pic...guess I was too well rested)

A Non-Interstate Route out thru East Texas

The country in East Texas is definitely different than West Texas...namely, it's green.

I mean, look at that!

Sorry for getting so excited, but I come from BROWN New Mexico---and before that---BROWN Southern California. So GREEN (just like running water) is sort of a foreign concept for me...

Alan suggested a route which kept me on secondary roads---definitely my preference. After all, I only had about 200 miles to ride to Shreveport, Louisiana. So I headed out thru Athens, Jacksonville, and Rusk, finally culminating in a lunch stop at the tiny town of Cushing, Texas. Some of those cool back roads had "overhanging" trees:

Lunch at the "7th Street Restaurant"

I was advised to stop in Cushing at the aforementioned restaurant. Doesn't look like much on the outside:

After asking the (lovely...will you marry me? Oops, I'm already married) waitress for her recommendations, I ended up ordering just a hamburger and fries (I'm a hopeless conservative at heart). BUT it was the thickest hamburger I've had since my 3rd son Mark fixed me my "65th birthday burger" in Yantai, CHINA. See?

Who Says Dr. Greg Isn't Cultured?

While eating my (excellent!) hamburger (which I ordered with Jalapeno peppers, being a New Mexican) I did a little reading on my phone. Now how many ADV riders read about Wagner (that's the composer for you culture-deprived morons) while eating a burger? You guys probably don't even know who Wotan is...just kidding, just kidding.

After lunch I strolled around to the back of the "7th Street Restaurant", the place really IS is junkyard...

Just my style.

Nicholas Trammel (Flamel?)

In an effort to waste time (I couldn't get to Shreveport too early, cuz my hosts wouldn't be home) I stopped at all possible "historical monuments." *This one was all about Nicholas Trammel.

Hmmm, Nicholas Trammel? Wasn't he in Harry Potter? Oops, no...that was Nicholas FLAMMEL, right? Wasn't that the name? Man, I can't remember. * ' old.

Well, in any event, here's Nicholas' historical marker and a familiar bike:

Another Way to Waste Time...

As I was going through Carthage, Texas, I pulled over into a big "church" parking lot to take a break (and waste some more time). In a few minutes, this guy:

came over and started talking. Turns out he was a rider, and was intrigued with the Multistrada 1200S. He was kind of an interesting guy: had most of facts right, but not all. Have you ever spoken with someone like that? Had most of his facts right, but not quite. For example, he thought the Multi had THREE riding modes, but it really has FOUR. Now how could someone make a mistake like that?

It did, however, waste 45 minutes. *Excellent.

Between Carthage and I-20, I crossed another river. Water! And you know my weakness for running water...

Stopped at yet another Texas "picnic area"...this one JUST BEFORE the Louisiana border. Look at all the trees!

I strolled out among the trees, and found these luscious-looking berries:

Having never had a biology class (honest!) I figured with my luck they were poisonous...

Arrival in Shreveport, Louisiana...

After a moment of panic (nobody home!) I arrived at the home of my hosts (Jeff and Becky), who graciously volunteered for a photograph:

And look at the GUMBO dinner that Becky fixed!!

And it TASTED even better than it looked. *We won't talk about dessert (I'm still trying to finish it...yum!)

Tomorrow: Natchez, Mississippi

The plan for tomorrow is to take I-20 (yeah, I don't like interstates) over to Vicksburg, MS, and the Civil War stuff there. *Any of you guys heard of the "Siege of Vicksburg?" *After that, I'll head south towards Natchez, and hook up with an inmate in that area.

Sorry...I feel like this is kind of a crummy report. But it was a short day, and it was hot. *And I'm tired. *Good night, see *y'all (see, I sound like a Texan!) in the mornin'...


PS. Oops, being in Shreveport, Louisiana (birthplace of "Fast Freddie" Spencer), I was gonna post the pic of Freddie and Doc, but I forgot. Too tired now, but tomorrow morning for sure.
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