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Originally Posted by jordan325ic View Post
Well, maybe it's not a throttle issue?

Today I rode the bike and twice I was coming to a stop with the clutch in and the bike started revving very high. Gave it a few tugs of the throttle and it just kept on revving, if anything it seemed to go higher (tach is dead so not sure exactly how high it was revving). So I hit the kill switch, it kept running like I hadn't done anything. I turned the key to the "off" position. Still kept revving. The only way I could turn it off was to stall it out by releasing the clutch suddenly.

Not really sure what's going on with that. Any suggestions?
I had the same problem with my dt250 and it wound up being the float level if not that it is your timing. mine would not idle because the jet was clogged then it would not get full throttle so i replaced the needle and seat then it ran great. they are good reliable bikes and durable and quick
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