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The day after Pete and I took a quick daytrip to Luninberg, the weathergod was tellin me to run for it so I took a chance.
Luninberg was a busy little town because the relaunch of the Bluenose 2 was approaching the next weekend.

Apparently she's almost a new boat as the rebuild was more than extensive.
We got a pick by one of the most famous pirate boats still afloat (barely).

My departure had me coming by the town again so I snapped some of the architecture and a few more boats.

And the memorial to all those souls lost at sea.

Then blue skies brought me to Digby to catch the morning ferry across Fundy.

Now here's where the small world thang comes into play. Big Girl was lookin kinda grungy and, spotting what I thought was a bit of seepage from the CARC I wanted to clean her off. Looks like it may have just been a little buildup from the vent so no worries. Anyhoo, I trapse off to the local car wash and, when I pull into the bay, a mountie pulls right up to the bay with his lights on and, with the loudspeaker says 'Step away from the bike!' I'm, like, 'Say what?' and he gets out of the car and damned if it isn't Andrew who I camped with in PEI.

I had forgotten he told me he was a cop in Digby and, well, we were bound to run into each other, right?
Small world.
Next morn it was a beautiful sailing on calm waters and goodby to NS.

You follow the coastal roads and that is one big province.
St. John was harboring this great new lady.

So much more elegant that all those fancy cruise boats, I think.
After a bit of a resupply at Walmart. ( I am a cheap bastard.) it was on to the border. And who says border guards are nasty. I have had nothing but good guys to chat with. Maybe it's my winning smile?
Into Maine and a good low tide.

And great scenery.

And the new with the old.

Rode all day with the full raingear on but seemed to avoid everything but a few showers.
Don't know if it was an event or what but the real tourist towns like Camden and Rockport were stuffed with tourists. You would think the end of September and midweek would have it letting up a bit but I guess not. Stopping with my sweaty raingear and dealing with the crouds didn't really appeal to me so I carried on. I
I did find a destination however. Googling Guzzi dealers Maine put one right on my route so, close enough to service time, I decided to check it out. Tri-Sports. They did have the parts and a fully qualified service tech but still had not had a '12 Stelvio in the showroom. Anyways, that is where I am now, picking up Big Girl with a new spring in her step by noon.
A local rag shows a B17 , a Liberator and a Mustang coming to the local AF base Friday and I am torn between staying or carrying on. I LOVE planes! But I really have to err on the side of caution because if it's rain they won't be doing it. Onward then. East coast weather is showing a bunch of rain but who ya gonna believe. It's all clear skies right now.
I once was lost but now I' wait, I'm still lost.
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