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Originally Posted by VStrom650 View Post
runnin4melife after my research, I suspect it might have more to do with the weight of the rider, I know in my case I'm not what you call small, 6'2 about 250+ pounds (converted!). Another thing I notice is that the F800GS is quick, the combination of quick response and height may or may not mean the rider see's the potholes or other hazard. of course could just be my crappy riding abilitybut then again ?

Just my thoughts 'cause I couldn't believe I'd damaged mine on what I travelled.

I had considered that as well as tire inflation and types of tires. I am 185 w/general gear on and run TKC 80s (generally at why rated PSI) and have really crushed the front on some horrid rocks (stopped and immediately inspected because of this issue others have had) and suffered no damage. I have 6500 miles so I am in the low range but 80% of that has been off road.
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