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Oh Yes,the memories come back. My dad was my sponsor when I was 16 or so,we went down and got a brand new 74 CR250 Elsinore. I wanted a new Pomeroy Replica 250 Bultaco but the Honda was 100.00 less.
I was used to Bultacos as I had been racing a 200 for a couple years.
That Elsinore showed me who was boss more then a couple times.
I missed a shift on it one day in the heat of battle,the engine spun up so fast it destroyed the cases/cylinder,the rod snapped and spun around leaving a wide swath of destruction.
One brand new engine in the crate later and we were back in business. The chain popped off while a light kid was riding it,broke the gearbox all to hell but we saved the engine at least.

It also had an odd habit of sticking the throttle wide open,it did this when new,the shop couldnt figure it out,and neither could we. It did this off a tapped in 5th gear jump at a scrambles race.

I bailed off the back and slid to a stop,it continued on with stuck throttle flipping end over end launching itself way up in the air like a big shiny hooked salmon. Ripped tires off rims,bent the frame a lot,the seat was bent in half in the middle,both handlebars were like road race bars laying on the tank,tank was destroyed.

My girlfriends dad and I put it between a telephone pole and truck and used a come-along to straighten the frame out,then I traded it for a 56 Ford pickup with fat tires and nice mags.

I bought a 77 KTMGP250 shortly after and never looked back,never bought a Honda again.

Yours looks good with the red tank,better then the silver ones. I always ran the MT piston with the CR top end,lasted longer and had more low end grunt.
Some bikes around at times
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