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This was an unexpected little oasis in the middle of the desert.

Another mountain pass. I believe this one was called Windy Pass, which made sense. Like idiots, we pulled out the map up here and almost lost the thing. Duh....

We dropped out of the mountains and into McDermit NV. It's a little town right on the border of Oregon that seems to function mostly around the reservation outside of town. It wasn't much to look at, but the people were really friendly. The Ideal Market had everything you could want. We stocked up on gas, groceries, water, got some beer, and they even let us charge our cameras. Great place.

Oregon!! For now, anyway. The trail peeks into Oregon for a few miles, then it's on to hundreds of miles of more Nevada. This was a welcome sign, though.

We found a spot off the road in Oregon that was perfect. It was a little turf patch nestled in willows in a canyon. Everything was dry as hell, but it was a beautiful spot. We cracked our beers, ate some pasta, and sacked 'er in.

Mileage: 160
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