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Remote Control

I've been looking at your progress. It's a great idea. Innovative, like the picture BMW with a joystick instead of a steering wheel.

I have looked at a lot of overpriced GPS units and really like the screen size of my droid bionic. There are Otterbox Defender models out there for $22. delivered. With the mapping you have available, it should work fine.

What do you think about the In-Reach paired with an android phone?

On another note, two weeks ago, I had an opportunity to put DSM to the test. Another rider and I headed out to map a dirt route from Redding to Burney Falls State Park (East), then to McCloud, Ca (North), then to Hwy. 3 (West), then back to Redding via Trinity Lake, Lewiston and French Gulch. Ended up being 400 miles, 100 of it pavement, not by choice.

Long story short, a new hard copy map of the Shasta Trinity National Forest, is a checker board of green (STNF) and white (Private Land). The other rider I was with had charted our route on his GPS prior to the trip. What we encountered were gated roads that are not on the map. So any route you choose, there is no guarantee you will get where you are going. Additionally, the closer you are to a highway, the better the Forest Road markers are. As you get deep into the forest, the signs are missing completely or some folks have changed just one number to make it very confusing.

So, Day 2, going from Burney Falls to McCloud, Ca was very interesting. Hit the road at 9am and finally arrived in McCloud at 1130pm. It was a beautiful starry night. My buddies GPS did not have a good map that identified Forest Roads, but the DSM app. did and at 10pm we were at an intersection with (2) gates and no signs anywhere to be found. My buddy was very frustrated and said we were lost, but obviously all we had to do was backtrack for several hours to get back to the Hwy. 89.

So with the DSM topo map, the Forest Roads were there and labeled, as well as our position. My buddy had done a great job of navigating through a maze of unmarked roads and roads that are not even on the map. We were able to navigate around the gate and get to our camping site in McCloud.

The following day, we rode into Mt. Shasta City and went to the Forest Service office to complain about the map. They explained that the Shasta Trinity National Forest is unusual in that there is so much fragmented land. People have purchased lake front property and now the rest of the population can't get to it. So, their solution, is a map addendum for each area of the forest which detail public access.

It was a great learning experience in good weather.

So, when I opened the DSM app., I did have some fragmented sections. Is that because I didn't have all the data downloaded?
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