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I didn't need new grips- I just didn't like the OEM ones.

BMW wanted like $Million to but the original grips back on and didn't have anything 'beefier' in stock (I'm use to having some thing a little thicker in my hand ) so I picked up a pair of ODI Mushroom Grips from

I figure these are cheap and may only last a season or two- but at $10 a pair, I'll deal with it until I find a better replacement.

I started by removing the hand guard and mirror.

Then I GENTLY made a small slit and began peeling of the original rubber being VERY CAREFUL not to nick the element.

Finally- after 10 tedious minutes I had the grip completely removed and trimmed away.

Using a generous amount of Aquanet Hairspray- I coated the inside of the new grip and (with a little grunting and cursing) slipped it over the element. I didn't think is was going to fit- but it did.

I cut a hole in the end with an exacto knife (which I used to slice the old grip off with) and replaced the Kaoko throttle lock, hand guard, and mirror.

Repeated for left side.
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