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Saturday 9-15:
Got up early and headed south about 30 min outside of Amarillo to Palo Duro Canyon State Park. This place really caught me off guard because the surrounding countryside is so flat and open, you donít see any sign of the canyon until youíre about a 1/4 mile from the ridge. I had planned on spending an hour max, but after only the first mile into the canyon Iíd stopped 4 times to take pics. I knew I was going to be there a while. I ended up riding around for 3 hours. I guess it is one of Amarilloís best kept secrets.

I told myself I needed to see an armadillo and a long horn while I was in Texas. I finally saw a long horn steer. I was kind of annoyed I hadnít been able to find one all the way to Amarillo. I only found road kill armadillos though. While I was taking this pic I met a guy who was from southern France who also owned an FJR. He was in America touring all of Texas for a week.

I got back on the road and almost missed the Cadillac Ranch. They really donít mark it or anything
(well they kinda try...see pic), but then again seeing a bunch of cars buried nose down kind of grabs your attention on its own.

Yes, I signed one.

Headed thru New Mexico. I stopped several places along the way for pics.

Ended up staying in Holbrook, AZ for the night.

Sunday 9-16:
First thing I had to go see was Winslow, AZ. Fellow inmate SeriousRacer tipped me off to this place. Iíve grown up listening to the Eagles, but never realized a ďcorner in Winslow ArizonaĒ was a real place.

Pushed on because I wanted to make LA by that night. Stopped in Lake Havasu for some food and to see the bridge. Between the 105 degree temps and the unrelenting sun, I wasnít having a good time. I really should have stopped for the night, but I kept on.

Made it into San Bernadino around 9 that night and was already sick of California. For anyone that knows me, I already have a bit of distaste for the Golden state. The hot weather, the packed freeways and the assholes made me seriously consider grabbing a pic of LA just to say I was there and then getting the hell out of CA that night. Luckily, my better judgment told me to grab a hotel in Camarillo and at least do a bit of the PCH and Mulholland highway in the morning.
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