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Monday 9-17:
Got up early and headed thru Oxnard to Highway 1 and headed south. Took a ton of pics and learned a couple things about salt water. First off, it stings like a bitch when it gets in your eyes and already dried out contacts. Second, it doesn’t clean off a helmet visor very easily once it dries. O well. Standing on the coast made the torture of the previous day well worth it.

The PCH was pretty busy, so I jumped off on Mulholland to hunt down “the snake”. I’ve ridden the FJR pretty spirted back in the Midwest, but even our most twisty roads don’t compare to the canyon roads around Mulholland. I ran the snake a few times and stopped at the rock store for a bit to rest. I was really surprised at how empty the roads were. I only saw a handful of bikes and cars the entire time I was there. Reading about it online gave me the impression the place was going to be packed 24/7. So if you want it all to yourself, Monday around noon is a great time. Sorry, no pics of the road as I was too focused on the ride. I sure wish I had a gopro or something. That would have made some good video. Next I back tracked to Latigo Canyon Road. All I can say is wow. I’ve never had a road that has actually kicked my ass. It was constant switchbacks with either a 6% uphill or downhill grade and only very short straight/flat sections to grab a breather before throwing the pig of an FJR into the next corner. It was a lot of fun and really let me find the limits of the FJR and my ability. Roads like that “almost” make me want to move to California…..almost.

Now with all the fun riding done, I needed to get back on the road. Somewhere along the line, I miscalculated the number of miles I’d need to ride each day to make it back to Indiana by the 23 rd. Going north to Seattle was out of the question at the 500-600 mile/day pace I’d been going at. I decided to backtrack out thru Barstow and head up I15 to Las Vegas. I rolled thru Vegas pretty late and couldn’t find a good deal on a decent hotel, so I kept going to a little city on the NV/AZ border, called Mesquite.

Tuesday 9-18:
I decided to check a few things on the bike that morning and well replacing my grips, something caught my eye.

Yeah….its just a bus, right? Well it just happens to be a bus my company built. I knew we sold many of them throughout the southwest, but I never expected to see one in a little town like Mesquite. Go figure 2500 miles from home and work is still trying to haunt me on my vacation.

I spent the rest of the day traveling north up I70 thru Utah. Got a lot of good pics.

Made it to Grand Junction, CO for the night.
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