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By then it started getting pretty hot as we kept heading south and the temps crept up to maybe 96 or so. This was a far cry from 29 a couple mornings earlier - gotta love the desert.

We started cruising on some fast road again and this was actually pretty nice with the heat. We rode right by this massive mesa with HooDoos carved into one of the coolest looking campsites at its base. I took this photo because my camera has a GPS in it, so I'll upload them to Google Earth and you guys can see where this is. Or, just ask and I'll post the waypoints... The idea for me is this is definitely a place I want to come back to...

The hoodoos, or sometimes affectionately known as Goblins, as in Goblin Valley which isn't too far from where were were (maybe 20 miles due west at most)...

We kept cruising but it was one of those situations where the terrain was so good that we didn't take any photos until we got to Hanksville.

We gassed up at arguably my favorite gas station in all of Utah, Hollow Mountain.

What was super cool is the place has tons and tons of maps for sale, they let our crazy buddy Jim Ryan who runs DualSportUtah (the KTM rental down in Moab) put on of his stickers on the door, the guys who work there are all Search and Rescue guys in the San Rafael Swell and are as nice as can be.

They tell me all about the San Rafael Swell motorized maps that are free and how the guy was an oil services worker and put it all together in his spare time, and even won a national award for it. And it turned out Kevin had even had him up for a presentation up in Salt Lake City with his GIS colleagues.. Too neat.

Kevin then realizes he had a cracked weld on one of his racks and he starts stressing and wonders whether he can make the rest of the trip. Bummer because we are about pretty far south and I'd hate to see something like a simple dumb broken weld slow us down.

Yet.. ...within minutes... Kev starts BSign with the owners...

And.. It turns out these guys have a Lincoln machine running Flux Core lying around.. Purrrfect... Note the welder plugged into the rock. Too cool...

We eat lunch and drinks and jabber on here at the gas station and have a good time.

Pretty soon we start rolling again, this time heading west back into the Swell, via about 30 miles of slab to the south entrance to Cathedral Valley. We ride right by Factory Butte OHV area, which looks so tempting, but our bikes are loaded and we have a long way to go, and maybe we'd get to a town this night, maybe not. (this is a photo stolen from Kev's last trip report when the did go F around on the Factory Butte terrain)...

It's also nice because the three of us each have a couple more freeze dried meals because we can basically stop anywhere, and with our massive gas tanks, and the gallon of water Harcus is hauling around on his bike we're basically set for anywhere we end up.

As we're cruising on the slab the temps heat up and it gets to 102. Not sure how this happens in borderline fall in September, but it does... We turn off and there is actually a nice refreshing river crossing, but this river crossing is mapped on real maps, so we know it definitely goes. The rain also definitely did its number here, but it was still OK and pretty shallow..

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