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We depart the slab just 5 minutes later and the dirt road becomes fast and sweepie and just **epic** to me. The absolute best of the best of the riding we did, I though, jsut so fast and so much fun of nice two track and so staggeringly beautiful as the sun is setting and it's getting cooler. We are heading north, paralleling the very western edge of the Swell south of Castle Dale at the base of a beautiful reef. I forget which reef it is, but I'll look it up. It might still be Capitol Reef though I felt we were considerably father north than that at this time. It's so good that we have no photos.. Just go ride it some time, if you're in the area...

We keep heading north and only have a couple photos, but are basically navigating off maps at this point and it feels old school (and feels nice to be old school). We remember t ourselves "turn left at the 3rd intersection," things like that, and there is lots of stopping and starting at intersections, but that is OK because its just so enjoyable.

Harcus snapped a photos of this river crossing. There was this dinky bridge, or a pretty deep water crossing for large heavy duty vehicles and big rigs and construction equipment to keep the roads maintained.. Note all the Tamarix again...

The road becomes a lot of these empty drainages and river beds and and rain did the more damage here on the western part of the Swell of anything we've seen on the trip to date. It's just staggering. And this time Harcus is in awe because he's been here before and it's just so much different, just like me the day before. Arguably, more fun on these light bikes we're on, if you ask me. But its crazy how a storm or two can just come through central and southern Utah and jsut cause so much devastation. The road damages that we saw alone must have been in the hundreds of thousands or even millions in costs to the state of Utah or the Federal government. The weather is completely out of wack this year, nationwide as we all know, from severe drought to severe rain. They say this is the "new normal" of the weather moving forward. ...Kind of a bummer...

Here, Kevin had a steep embankment catch up to him and he took a massive digger that was his own little rattler as it takes him about 5 minutes to gather himself and get the mighty Big Red Pig back started up again after 25 kicks. Harcus says he was psyched to get a photo of Kev finally going down. I am completely loving my light bike at this point and I also had the smallest lightest load.

We have no more pics of the night, but we basically headed across I-70 at one of those obscure ranch exits west of the I-15/I-70 interchange, and east of Green River. Aka, the middle of F'ing no where and no services. Within just a couple miles from the exit, the ranch road gets completely gnarly and probably undriveable to anything but a well setup 4WD or a Moto. This is awesome, and our bikes just eat it up. We basically cruise all the way to a little town and then slab it about 10 minutes to Castle Dale for fuel and food. It's about 6ish I think and the sun is finally close to setting.

We dilly dally for a little too long at the gas station but make the call on where we're going to stay the night and come up with the perfect idea:

We pick up some more cold beers, and rally out towards our destination. Kevin is in a hurry and he hits over 100 on the BRP because he's trying to catch the sun set in this camping spot. It makes complete sense... Harcus and I don't quite make the sun set, and I even stopped and picked up some fire wood along the way that I noticed and strapped it to my bike. I roll up with about 20-30 lbs of wood on my bike, classic. And here is where we end up for the night...

This is called the Little Grand Canyon. We were over looking it on day 1, from Cedar Mesa, and its basically that giant hole in the ground from those photos earlier. It's smack dab in the middle of Utah only 2-3 hours south of SLC, and so few people know about this place. It's just amazing..

We have one more last grand evening around a fire. I eat one of Kevin's MREs which actually tasted great, and we BS about politics (which is not such a hot idea, no big deal though), a little more of about our backgrounds, Kevin's business/engineering idea again, how carburetors and fuel injection work because Harcus and I both have nerdy mechanical minds and dork out at how we both try our hardest to explain how they work, and we basically stay up late and polish off the last of about a 5th of whiskey.

I change my oil with a buzz going because its about 550 miles since we started and I can feel it in the shifting of the KTM, we still have another 250 miles to go, and my oil is BLACK. It takes maybe 20 minutes using gatorade bottles and I figure out a technique of not fully removing the drail plug and I have almost no spillage, which is awesome. We use diesel oil from the local gas station and this always works just fine, saves you money, and is as good as motocycle oil.

The stars continue to be completely out and epic, literally thousands and thousands and thousands of stars and it is just staggering, and we fall asleep. The following moring would be our last day, and our time to head home...

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