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Originally Posted by VStrom650 View Post
I too have been a victim of the soft stock rims, 5 days old 2012 GS Trophy with less than 700km, riding along a forest road here in OZ. Put a nice 10mm flare in the front rim, granted hit some pot holes but tyres were at 2.4 bar. Very disappointing and as I rode the same tracks/roads with my 2002 F650GS Dakar with no probs, anyway got new rim SM Pro Platinum from John Titman Racing in Capalaba. Very impressed with service/communication and as others have recommended overseas wheel builders thought I would say if in OZ get in touch with John and the crew.
I tried. They heard F800GS and I got a lot of ums and errs, then I got a run around. Much the same as every wheel builder here that I've rung. If you aren't actually standing in the shop they just don't seem to want to know you. Not to mention the ones that take your credit card details, promise delivery, and you never hear from them again.

I'll keep spending my money overseas. Oz retailers don't seem to want it.

Try ordering Ohlins suspension in Oz. Pay double the US price and have some disinterested dumb prick spin you a line of shit.

Oz bike retailing is shit. Always was, and probably always will be.
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