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I still have my Harley, it's a 2001 FXDX and without any apology I will say I love that damn thing!

You don't have to apologize for loving your bike! I've known a lot of riders who put incredible miles on nekkid bikes like that and loved every minute of it. Once Harley resuscitated itself (after the AMF years , 1969 to 1981) they've done very well with reliability and ride-worthiness. Fuel injection helped immeasurably. They make good bikes these days. I remember the old saying during the AMF years - "a company cannot simultaneously manufacture bowling balls and motorcycles". Probably true back then, but the times, they are a-changin'! Just look at the broad spectrum of what Yamaha, Honda, Hyundai, etc. are into.

Speaking of sport-touring, as much as I loved my BMW-RT for long distance touring, it was horrid on gravel roads. I have a very long history of dirt riding and racing, so I love riding dirt, but that bike's geometry and tire combo just made it squirrelly as hell on the dirt. I had several dirt bikes, the RT, and the GS all at the same time and tried to ride them all but some just didn't get enough riding to warrant the expense of keeping the whole herd. When I moved from Wyoming I brought the RT and GS and sold my dirt bikes. I've since sold the RT because the GS is perfect for touring this part of the country with its vast array of ratty asphalt and gravel backroads, and it's quite capable and comfy on the high speed highways as well. It's just too damned big and heavy to be a real "dirt bike", though. I have grown to REALLY miss owning a true dirt bike and have recently begun looking around. I think the Yamaha WR250R is a great bike, but I kinda like more power than a 250, so I'm pondering the 450 and doing the deed to make it street legal. I've owned a number of Suzukis and loved them, but the Yamaha is more of a true dirt bike than the dual-sport oriented DRZ. I've decided that it's just not possible to live with only one motorcycle , and more power is always better.

Cheers, enjoyed the ride and history lessons, and am looking forward to more!

"If it doesn't blow smoke and make noise, it isn't a sport!" - radio ad for shop in Bozeman, MT
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