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Originally Posted by StinkyBoy View Post
I just randomly picked your RR to read tonight... glad I did. Great pictures.
I'm glad you did, too, StinkyBoy. Thanks for posting.

Originally Posted by THX_337 View Post
Amen brother.

I've driven the Dempster hwy 3 times and been up to Tuk. I've backpacked in Tombstone and treked through the Richardson Mtns (seen hundreds of Caribou up there) and I've paddled the Yukon river 3 times, I've treked through Kluane park (best hike in the world BTW) and I've trekked through several places in Alaska 6 times now. If I had to choose, I would choose the Yukon hands down. I concur with your thoughts. "Larger than Life"... It's TRUE.

Glad to hear from another Yukon-lover, THX_337. I'm envious of your experiences up there. I'm looking forward to check out your blog.

Originally Posted by PersonaNonGrata View Post
WOW! Some of your photos are absolutely BREATHTAKING! Thanks so much for sharing them! Very good writing too, just gave 5 stars.
Aww, shucks, PersonaNonGrata! That's very kind of you to rank my RR so highly. Thank you.

Originally Posted by DarkRider View Post
Yup - living up to the expectations!
Gracias, as always, brother. When you/we get up to that neck of the woods you'll see just how beyond expectations the north can be!

Originally Posted by Oldone View Post
Little did I know when I put this in my bookmarks and went back later just how interesting this would be with such great photos! Thank you for taking the time for our enjoyment. This is really great!

Gary "Oldone"
Glad to hear you're liking it, Oldone. Putting together a ride report like this both gives me a chance to relive bits of the adventure, and figure out my own "story" about what it meant. In other words, it's my pleasure.
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