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Originally Posted by Bill Harris View Post
How are your aches, pains and dermabrasion coming along? And I see you have an Airmail, too. Well done.
Proud member #13044:) I am mostly healed. I have some shiny new pink skin on my arm and leg that is still tender, but the scabs are all gone:)

Originally Posted by some_guy View Post
I was wondering if you could fit a bar end mirror on these too. Something like this.
I know the bar end signals will work with the bar end mirrors - I have bar end mirrors on the bike right now and the holes in the end of the bars are unencumbered:)

Originally Posted by Player B View Post
Very interested in how bright you get those bar end signals to be. I have them on my bike and they're barely noticeable from a cars perspective unless its dark out. (but they do look super slick)

My rear turnsignals which are also LEDs are very bright though. I did install resistors in the back to get the relay to function properly, I wonder if I need them up front too?
Yeah, those bar end signals are advertised as "markers" or some such, not actual turn signals so I don't expect mine will be any brighter than what you describe but I wanted to try them;) I just determined that not a single bulb broke in any of my lights so I should just have to do a little bending to get my signals back to normal. I had thought I would switch to LED if they were busted.

I was finally in the garage last night! I got Chuck's center stand on and the front brakes working. I started fixing the valve cover mounting hole - waiting for jb weld to set. There is still some weirdness with the brake mc, but at least the front brakes engage now.

Lights! So it seems like the busted euro light switch - the switch that lets me turn the headlight OFF - is what is preventing the brake and headlight from working. I couldn't figure out how to remove the switch guts from the housing, but I'd like to see if I can wire up/graft on a replacement switch... but aside from that, none of the light bulbs broke, and I can get them all to turn on - how crazy is that!?

foot pegs! So I THINK my muffler mounts are straight - looks like the muffler mounting bolts sheared right off and saved the mount. I think. However, the rear set on the right side did kind of dimpled the mounting hole. But i think i can get it working with some washers or something to "bridge" the "dimple".

My biggest concern at the moment, is the subframe. I think I'm going to put Aric's subframe on my bike this weekend to verify that mine is bent. The Acewell speedo also gives me pause because I've read that installation can go smoothly, or roughly. AND I have to wire up the GEN light somehow. not my forte. good times.

Oh! And the new EPCO peashooter mufflers might be here by Saturday! and my new jacket should get here today :)

I think that is it for now!
Happy Friday!

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