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Than you for the postive comments! We really had a great time.

The report is just getting started. We are only on the 2nd day of 8. I hope you all enjoy the ride!

June 17, 2012

Day 2

Father’s Day!

The day's tracks.

In the morning, I plotted a course to get us to town for some fuel and breakfast. We made some wrong turns and the terrain was often more difficult than expected but I really had a good time getting down to Owyhee.

Eventually we made it down to the Duck Valley Gas Station. We all filled up on fuel and food. There were a ton of Harley riders down there who were out enjoying the beautiful day. I spent some time talking to one of them whose name I cannot remember. I do remember that he recognized my bike which does not often happen. We waited for a long long time for our food to get cooked up. Don’t bother with asking for English Muffins there as they had no idea what I was talking about. After the long long long wait, the food was good. It was Father’s Day so we all made quick calls to our dads while standing out in the parking lot in just the right spot to get reception. Finally we headed out of Owyhee to the south.

The route from Owyhee to Jarbidge was great. A lot of it was harder than I expected. It was fantastic!

Wild Bill

Great stuff!!!!

We crested a hill with huge grins on our faces and saw this!

More sweet roads and then I had to stop to fix my extra fuel bottles. I used 2 Gatorade bottles to haul fuel on my front fender for at least 1000 miles without any issues other than they were trying to shake themselves off of there. No leaks at all. I finally got wise and tied the loose strap to my handlebars here to keep the fender bag from falling off anymore.

More sweet roads as we headed down into some drier country.

Then, all my GoPro batteries were dead. We went down a sweet grade right into Jarbidge.

We fueled up in Jarbidge at the 24 hour card lock fuel pump. Then we went over to the Outdoor Inn for dinner. It was great. I think the Outdoor Inn had the best food of any restaurant we ate at on this trip. After dinner we headed south of town and camped out along the river. We all enjoyed a dip in the river, put our electronics on the charger, and crashed out.
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