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The New World II.8 – The way back to San Francisco

The way back to San Francisco: 12 September
Early in the morning we can have a better look around and see where we stopped last night. The views are stunning

While Andreea is still sleeping, I take Gunnar for a ride. The “official reason” is that we go to fill up with gas (as last night we were running on fumes) But after I find the most expensive gas station of this trip ($5 per gallon) and fill up, of course we don’t just go back to the camping site. Instead I take Gunnar back on the road we rode last night. This time without luggage and without passenger.
As we stop for a short brake on the side of the road, the sun is rising from over the mountains, heating the cool morning air. It is pure pleasure to ride!

I return the the tent site only to find that Andreea is already packing everything and we manage to leave before 9 AM. That is almost a record for us.
Today we would want to reach San Francisco. I’ve been there 4 years before and it was one of the places I liked the most in the states. Now, I am returning, wanting to show it also to Andreea. And I wonder if I would feel the same and I would still think that I would like to live someday in San Francisco, at least for a while.
But before reaching the city, we still have a few miles to go on Route 1, and that should keep us busy and happy.

We can hardly wait to reach San Francisco and we notice we are not alone on this trip.

Long moments pass without us speaking through the intercom. We just travel, together in the same journey. From time to time I hear the “click” of the Nikon camera behind me. It is Andreea catching a split second of life from around us.
In front seat, I remain mostly quiet and concentrated on the tirelessly curvy road ahead.

My thoughts fly way ahead of us, to a city that 4 years ago was so special to me. I wonder if today it will be the same. But I do not have much time to wonder away from the immediate surroundings. I do not know about “then”, but “now” I just love every new landscape that unfolds after the corner.

In this area there are for sure a lot of people who… let’s say they have no “basic” worries…

But some of the choices they make do not seem to clear, at least for me. For example I think that in America, if you have a sports car you might be considered – how to say this mildly- extravagant. On the other hand, it is perfectly normal and acceptable to have a huge pickup truck with a V8 engine and hundreds of hp or a huge SUV which runs on gas (instead of diesel) and consumes gasoline faster than the Libaneeze can produce oil. That must be why, on this curvy, winding narrow road, carving its way beautifully between ocean and land, 90% of the encountered cars were bulky SUVs or pick-up trucks.
Of course, one could find a ton of reasons why such cars make sense and why you really need a V8 engine to go from you home in Eureka to your cabin in the highlands or to your boat in the marina.

But I think the bare truth (the one that we do not want to admit it) is that we do not in fact need so much power in such a heavy frame for that. Especially since most of the time you end up alone in the car (as of course each member of the family would have his own vehicle)
Far from me the thought of criticize a way of life that I don’t even fully understand. So please forgive the rumblings of a motorcyclist probably frustrated that he had to ride behind bulky cars instead of having in front some super sport car roaring on Route 1. But let’s remember the road as we all love it: empty, clean and inviting. Go on!

Close to San Francisco we leave the narrow road behind and things get busy. Still we keep an eye on the bay fog descending from the hills.

San Francisco at last! We are here!

With “Sound of San Francisco” sounding in my head, we cross the Golden Gate Bridge. Last time when I was here, I was riding the bicycle with two beautiful ladies. Now I steped out to a motorcycle and wife

We call Clay our couchsurfing host and we get direction on how to reach him. Because he administers a few boats in the marina, for the next nights, our “couch” would be in fact a bunk bed on a sail boat.

It is small and old but it is so beautiful and it is a Sail boat!!! Ah, speaking of fulfilled dreams! Nice to see you again San Francisco!

We are exploring the New World
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