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Originally Posted by toowheels View Post
Wow! Front flat at 80 and staying up! Good on ya! I've had a front flat at 80(kph) on a different bike a few years ago & on a dirt road and I went straight into the ditch before I knew what was happening . I was fine and the bike was ok too except for a broken windscreen (and front flat).

I'm running Hyperpro springs up front which definitely made a big difference and it doesn't blow through it's travel anymore (now I can hit stuff harder ). The springs are taking some of the sting out of what the rims get I think. Ohlins sure would be nice though!

Yeah I thought my front wheel was about to come apart, it was definitely a scare. I praised my suspension and then bought a set of spare tubes and a best rest air pump after that. Insult to injury, I got stuck in Virginia for quite a few hrs trying to figure out how to get back to Maryland. I have crashed on the track and the street before but this was prime time high speed traffic so I was extremely lucky to stay upright (75% luck 24.9% suspension 0.1% skill)
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