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$400 Works rebuild, Ohlins, or WP?

I need to upgrade the spring and rebuild the shock on my current, Works Performance UltraSport, rear suspension. They quoted me almost $400 for all the work, mainly because it will require a new piston in order to make the valving holes smaller. This gives me the only clue that I can find as to the type of shock it is, and that seems to be a simple damper rod type, otherwise they would have mentioned shimming (right?).

So my first question is, is it worth it to upgrade and rebuild the Works shock for such simple technology, or should I save up the extra money for an Ohlins, or better yet, match the front WPs? Perhaps I can simply convince the rather pushy technician over there to simply sell me a stronger spring to get me by until then.

Speaking of WP, I would really like to match the front, but I can't for the life of me find any references to WP rear suspension for our bikes! I've seen plenty of reference to people having them, but can't find new suppliers. Does anyone know how I'd go about getting one?

Or perhaps I should just spring for the Ohlins. Let the rear suspension debate commence!

PS, a user serviceable model would be most desirable. Has anyone serviced their own Works or other shocks, and which is best for this?
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