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The New World II.9 – Walk with me

Walk with me – September 13-14
During the night the waves swing us and it is now that romantic as it sounds. But in the morning we are ready to walk the streets.
We leave our motorcycle suits in a corner of the boat, we go explore the city in sandals and short pants. Walk with us!
We have no destination, no itinerary but I realize that I follow old paths, my own steps back in 2008. And it seems like it was yesterday. This reality matches perfectly the memories of 4 years ago. The old lighthouse, the catamaran and Alcatraz in the back.
USS Pampanito elegantly greeting it’s guests.
Colored streets. Soap bubbles windmills.
The laziness of sea lions at Pier 39 mocking the tourists excitement.
Other excited tourists are trying to find ways to experience or photograph “world’s most crooked street” (not really, but long live marketing). “Theatrum mundi” seemed more interesting for us to capture than the hundreds of roses spreading their perfume over the beautiful street in the background.
Pelicans elegantly gliding over the bustle.
Golden Gate, always covered by fog…
The steep hills’ Roller Coaster, leading to view points from where your eyes can run free across the open waters…
…or guiding your view to pokey skyscrapers hidden by the green canopy.
While searching for shelter from the sun we discover that other eyes are on us.
The good weather invites sailors to raise the sails.
And they all do it in style.
Sometimes, you have to step away from the places you love to better appreciate them, therefore we decide to extend our ramble outside the city. Gunnar is always there to help. We discover meandering roads North of the city and the scenery never ceases to amaze us. We cannot skip the photo booth. We saved a spot for you next to us!
Let’s not get sentimental and continue our ride…. and if we get tired we can rest for a while on a lonely bench.
The coastal route shows us old military forts
… and newer defense mechanisms, buried in the ground. Luckily nothing had to come out of there.
We like peace so we get away from those mechanisms and our road almost becomes a trail…. desperately hanging on the steep hill.
Are you in the clouds also? If you follow us for sure you will be…
We start our descent towards the waters and we get to Sausalito, a small city with an Italian touch.
The day is almost over, it’s time to end our walk on the marina pontoons.
There is nobody around. The pontoons are deserted. Only the wind sneaks between the masts to sooth the sleeping boats.
In the distance, the city’s sounds can be only guessed and the lights made by human dance with the lights of the summer sky.
The marina entry lights up to guide the boats that might want to raise their sails and head out into the world.
But nobody is coming through. All the boats remain quietly tied up to their ropes in the small harbor.
Here our walk ends!
We head to sleep, with Alfred Noyes words in our head.
Tomorrow, in a breath, we’ll burst those gates of gold,
And find our path before the moment fails.
Tomorrow, in a breath, before we, too, grow old,
We’ll rise and sing and spread immortal sails.
Indeed, tomorrow we will continue our journey yet again! Come, walk with us!
Alex si Andreea
//this post is dedicate to all our friends, new and old, from both sides of the Atlantic! Thank you for everything!
We are exploring the New World
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