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Got back from our trip yesterday and got to the garage today to look into the warning light problem. As best as I can tell the pin that mates with the #12 female on the plug (common to the OIL, GENERATOR and NEUTRAL lights) isn't making contact with the printed circuit strip. I have continuity between the "tongues" that the light holders plug into ( ie; the common tongue for the GEN and OIL light) but can't seem to get contact between the thin printed circuit strip and the pin. Is this somewhat common? I've thought about carefully cleaning the mating area and soldering the joint, but I'm concerned about overheating the base of the printed circuit unit and either misaligning the pin or loosening it in the base to the point that it's ruined. Of course, unless someone has a tip or trick I view the part as "ruined" now. I'm guessing the pins are cast into the plastic assembly, or are they pressed into place later?

BTW...the '83 Gold Wing lasted another 1150 miles. Even rode Hwy 129, the Dragon/Deals Gap, in NC/TN with it while we were within about 70 miles anyway. Riding 2-up on a 'Wing on the Dragon to me was more work than fun, but now that's checked off the bucket list. No problems with the bike except having a paper towel wrapped around the fuel pump to keep the gas it started spitting out of the vent from spitting on my pant leg or catch fire on the exhaust. Time for a fuel pump, I guess.


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