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Originally Posted by Dieselboy View Post
Thanks everyone! I'm enjoying the pulsing fingers of the TENS3000 unit. I'm in great shape all things considered but the back is protesting slightly. The Tens unit is a 9v massage. Get one, you'll love it!

I looked as best I could, but could not determine the issue. The rim is bent and won't spin. Hard to inspect the whole surface. Several spokes are broken. The disks are bent and separating from their mounts.

I don't know. Loss of air in either system is bad. Perhaps a tubeless rim would have held the tire because of its more substantial bead? Hard to say without a conclusive cause. As much as I want to know "why", I was very focused on getting her into the shop so that the estimate could be done. I will try to look again but the bike was hammered when it flipped so the evidence may not be available.
Thanks for your helpful responses, Dieselboy. Get well soon!
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