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rolled off the ferry across the river from Manous at 4.20 pm so the was not much time for riding on the first day . The first 120km is paved to a place called Careiro I think . so I ridden this then went for a meal and to fill up un fuel. the are a few gas stations and they are building another . just outside of town the army are building a big concrete bridge. at the moment you take a boat . on the other side I camped out .The was a thunder storm in the night but in the morning it was ok . the first part is just lots of potholes so just time consuming. at 190 km i seen a sign for gas but never checked it out .the road has some bits that are dirt and some bits that are still quite good but they never seem to last long . on one of the better bits I was doing 100 kph when I almost hit a big black cat ( dont know what kind) as it ran across the road .I seen another 2 of these cats on this day but they were in the distance. Most of the bridges were ok I got lucky I guess as i never stoped to check them out first just shifted down a gear and went for it . I got to 1 that was a bit bad and the were some truck drivers there and they moved some planks over for me to ride. The was 1 were a guy was still nailing it together and 1 were I had to move some planks I stoped about 130 km from Humaita for the night .I camped next to the road buy a locals home. about 100km from Humaita they are building a big gas station but if you need you can buy in the village from locals . just before Humaita the army are out rebuilding the road at this end . I some how went through the road works and missed the gas satation and managed to buy some fuel 100km from Porto Vehlo of the guys at a police check point . By the time I got to Porto Vehlo my GPS said my travel time was 16.5 hour this includes getting out from the hostal in dowtown Manous and taking the ferry plus other boats . I am now in Fortaleza on the BR364 heading for the Peru border.
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