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Originally Posted by naginalf View Post
I need to upgrade the spring and rebuild the shock on my current, Works Performance UltraSport, rear suspension. They quoted me almost $400 for all the work, mainly because it will require a new piston in order to make the valving holes smaller. This gives me the only clue that I can find as to the type of shock it is, and that seems to be a simple damper rod type, otherwise they would have mentioned shimming (right?).

So my first question is, is it worth it to upgrade and rebuild the Works shock for such simple technology, or should I save up the extra money for an Ohlins, or better yet, match the front WPs? Perhaps I can simply convince the rather pushy technician over there to simply sell me a stronger spring to get me by until then..............
I am a pretty staid rider, so bear this in mind as I relate my experience with Ohlins and Wilbers.

There was a Works Performance shock on my 1994 R100RT monolever when I bought it a few years back. The bike had been stored for a while and needed a shot of nitrogen to get the shock up to standard. Worked fine for many months/miles, but got swapped out after I was offered an Ohlins BM 941 with less than 500 miles on it by a friend when he was parting out his monolever that had been totaled in a head-on wreck (no injuries other than to pride and a very bent front end). Easy spring preload, and compression and rebound damping adjustment. Took a while to figure out how/where to mount the remote reservoir but once done I could not believe how much better the new Ohlins was to what I had become accustomed. Great build quality. Good overall performance and easy to adjust to accommodate changes in loading and riding conditions, although I rarely mess with compression damping. No complaints.

When I replaced the stock shock on my 1993 R100R paralever earlier this year I opted for the “entry level” Wilbers 640. Spring preload and rebound dampening adjustment only. I opted for Wilbers to have something other than the Ohlins, and as this bike only ever gets one-up lightly loaded duty did not think that I would need the all-singing all-dancing adjustment of the more fully featured Wilbers models (or the Ohlins). Jim Eng at Nicks BMW made the selection/ordering easy. More great build quality. Compared to the 18,000-mile stock unit it replaced performance is outstanding. It is every bit as good as the Ohlins on my RT and I have not felt like I short changed myself by not having the compression damping option.

Basically, both great shocks with the performance you would expect their reputations suggest.


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