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Originally Posted by triplenickel View Post
If Lakemonster is so anal he puts tie wire on his oil screen bolts the details on the plate are probably well sorted.

I think I'll keep a few hundred bucks in my pocket and modify my Blackdog a bit, should be a few holes to drill and a simple bracket to bend up, maybe BDCW can build others and upgrade kit?
Anal, who me ??? Ha, Ha, Guilty as charged... As i was going back to school in 97 to become a Machinist,
my girlfriend at the time used to kid me, i was going to be the only Machinist in the Province that went to work
wearing a Tie? Not good to get caught in the Milling Machine though? Perhaps a Bow Tie?

The Safety Wiring comes from doing Track Days also. I saw Photos of a friend of mine flying through the air, four feet off the ground entering the Carousel in Seattle (SIR) He went to grab a handful of brake, and the lever went right to the Bars,
because the Brake Caliper had come off... Forgot to tighten, NO Safety wiring... NASTY.

Ever since then, anything with Motor Oil behind it, or Brake Pads, get the wire treatment. I sleep better?

BTW, Triplenickel, i used to live in CR before i moved to the Okanagan, Cheers!
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