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Originally Posted by HalfPlate View Post

I agree the hill wasn't all it was made out to be, however hill climbs are a special beast. With most other obstacles you can make decisions on the fly, and if you fail you can always just stop and put your feet down. On a hill you have to make all the decisions on the ground before you head up, you have to anticipate what the bike is going to do, which line is best, which line is the back up, and where to bail if you have no other choice. It is a great way to test a riders confidence and ability to foresee unknowns. I found that the number one skill they tested was "heads up riding" by that I mean riding 10-30 yards ahead of the bike, which is something most novices have a hard time with.
#1 lesson from my early days: when in doubt, gas it!
#2 lesson: don't look at what you want to miss, look at where you want to go
#3lesson: the further you look ahead the faster and smoother you will ride
#4 lesson: don't fall down

Amazing how simple this stuff is and how easy it is to get out of the habit!

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