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Originally Posted by jrsride2002 View Post
I haven't been cabin hoping yet, nor snow riding. Maybe my buddy and I could get in on that action if he is ready to ride......... "If there is snow, their might be more(meaning me and my buddy)" How hard was it to start your bike in the cold?? One year I was in the local hills, in winter, and it got to about 35 one night. The next morning, I couldn't get the bike started till the day heated up to 50's range. And I have an electric start.


Amsoil full syn.

No issues with EFI and electric start (TE630). And we were there during he day, so it wasn't like the bike sat out all night. My buddy's XR was a bit of a biatch to start though.

That's Hunter Cabin, it's a fun ride to get there, sits about 6800'. Osborne is another one that is fun to go in to. Neat place. Both are not far from PSR.

I love visiting the old cabins up there. Makes for an interesting day and an entertaining place to stop for a break. I bring my jetboil and brew up a cup of coffee or some hot soup. Pack a lunch and a couple'a beers.
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